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Living Lighter - fitness for your body & mind

Finally, an entirely new approach to relieving stress that is based on treating yourself like the ecosystem you are. Living Lighter is based on our Move, Clear, Meditate approach. Because our program goes directly to the root cause of your stress, you feel light-hearted, joyful, and relaxed.

Traditional nutrition and stress-reduction programs by their very nature activate feelings of guilt, fear, and shame because they trick you into believing that programming and willpower is what you need. The truth is that change happens at the level of your essence (soul), and by changing the energy connected to your essence, we help you remove the barriers that are standing in your way to living a vibrant, happy life.


Are you ready to take charge of your life & reduce your stress?

Our Program

We provide a non-confrontational approach that teaches you how to enjoy nutritious foods
your body loves, while coping with the stress in your life.


The Living Lighter program gives you a unique approach to being happy that you won’t find anywhere else!


Health is much more than actions. Your attitude and method of approaching diet and exercise could the key aspects of your health.


The Living Lighter program goes beyond general happiness and health to help you tackle other challenges like money, relationships, wisdom and performance.

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You Are Not a Machine

You are not your stress. You are YOU. The concept that stress is an expression of your emotional story rather than the story itself guides our philosophy.

Do You Treat Yourself Like a Machine? | UTUE
Treat Yourself Like An Ecosystem | UTUE

Do you treat your self like a machine?

We teach machines to be like humans and humans to be like machines, but we never teach humans to be more human. “Humans being human” contains power and abundance that is not present in the machine-like world. The truth is that the human body is its own ecosystem with its own natural rhythms and balance. Unfortunately, the entire world has been trained in machine-like behavior which overrides our natural inclinations. Pushing ourselves in ways that are destructive makes us feel heavy and toxic with negative emotional side effects.

What if you treat yourself like an ecosystem?

Through UTUE’s Living Lighter program, we’ll teach you how to access your intuition without the machine-like behavior of clocks, demands, or pushing yourself in ways that are destructive. With us you will: develop your intuition & emotional intelligence, feel the connection to your life force, begin to see the effects of the machine-like behavior, access resources that are profound & infinite, and begin to feel alive and happy!

The Living Lighter Approach

We provide easy ways to cope with the stresses and challenges of daily living.

Living Lighter Program - MOVE | UTUE

We've created movements that provide exercise and remove negative energies.

Living Lighter Program - CLEAR | UTUE

We have recorded clearings that address specific life challenges and stresses.

Living Lighter Program - MEDITATE | UTUE

Our meditations not only relax and center, they also provide you with help to achieve your objectives and overcome difficulties.

Living Lighter Program - CELEBRATE SUCCESS | UTUE
Celebrate Success

Less stress, more YOU - our program is meant to help get rid of all the negative things holding you back.


I’ve lost 10 pounds since I’ve started this class!



Always organized and fun! Patricia is always doing something different with the moves and the music!



Best Water Aerobic Class in the Bay Area. I’ve been to at least 20 other water aerobics classes over the years and this one is by far the best!



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Let UTUE help you reduce the negative effects of stress in your life. Our program offers a gentle, step by step approach to finding yours stressors and empowering you with the tools to take charge of them for YOU.

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