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What is Living Lighter?

Living Lighter is a unique program to create the foundation for your best life. With this foundation in place, anything is possible!

We’ve found that achieving overall balance in your life allows for success in those areas of life you might be struggling with. For instance, have you ever been told that all you need to lose weight is more “discipline” or “self-control?” Conventional wisdom suggests you should force, manipulate or trick yourself into making lifestyle changes. This is a robotic, backwards, one-size-fits-all approach that may stressful, toxic and unsustainable for YOU as an individual.

The Living Lighter program turns this methodology on its head and empowers you with the tools to lead a happier, more balanced life. It may sound counter-intuitive, but we usually don’t deal with the subject of your problems directly. These are not the true source of your problems! Instead we address the underlying barriers or “intangibles” that are really sabotaging your progress – like stress, relationships, work, lack of energy and negative emotions or moods – to reveal the TRUE you underneath.

We do this using a completely new approach you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Approach


Feeling stalled, stressed or run down? We can help!

Our Program

Living Lighter provides a revolutionary way to find and address what's TRULY holding you back - and the tools you need to reach your goals.

The Intangibles

“Intangibles” are the pieces of our lives that are difficult to grasp and control, but affect us every day in BIG ways. Things like purpose, relationships, money, and health demand our attention, care and effort on a daily basis. Living Lighter helps you find and address the intangibles in your life and take back your power over them.

Authentic Self

Living Lighter pinpoints and removes the precise energies holding you back, creates positive ones, and reveals the TRUE you underneath it all. With this shift in energy you’ll begin to feel alive and happy.


Ecosystem Approach™

You are an ecosystem with many interactive, interdependent parts in need of overall balance. You have unique needs, perspective and rhythm within yourself. Our program addresses you as the ecosystem you are. We help you use your own intuition to find the methods that work for YOU.

Easy & Fun!

The best part about Living Lighter? It truly is easy and fun! Our program is for everyone and you can start anytime. It’s your journey, but we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

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You Are Not a Machine

Your personality can be out of balance and toxic or in balance and sustainable. One person’s toxic personality can be another person’s green personality - there is never one size fits all!

Do You Treat Yourself Like a Machine? | UTUE

Do you treat your self like a machine?

Modern society trains the individual in “machine-like” behavior. We are forced into one-size-fits all schedules, standards, ideals, and more that override our natural inclinations. Pushing ourselves in destructive ways makes us feel heavy and toxic with negative emotional side effects. The truth is that the human body is its own ecosystem with natural rhythms and balance. Real, sustainable lifestyle changes require the Living Lighter approach that treat YOU with respect.
Treat Yourself Like An Ecosystem | UTUE

Try treating yourself like an ecosystem!

To truly help, an approach must be adaptable to the different circumstances that life brings. The Living Lighter program is unique because it addresses YOU – the individual like an ecosystem with many parts in need of overall balance. We’ll give you the tools you need to not only find balance and sustainability in your life – but methods of clearing out negative, toxic emotions for when things get off track. Once you begin moving away from machine-like behavior you’ll begin to feel alive and happy!

Try It For Yourself!

In our case, FEELING is believing! We want you to experience what it's like to clear away negative energies, find your authentic self, and get in touch with your own intuition. Sign up for our newsletter to get started and start Living Lighter today!