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Treat Yourself Like an Ecosystem

It's not only fun - it works!

Our Approach

Living Lighter uses a different fundamental approach to LIFE in general than you’ve likely found anywhere else. Conventional wisdom suggests you should force, manipulate or trick yourself into making lifestyle changes. Living Lighter uses the completely new concept of treating yourself as an ecosystem. Ecosystems contain many interdependent parts that need nurturing, care, attention and balance among themselves to function properly. With this in place you WILL be able to make the changes necessary to improve all aspects of your life in a way that is right and sustainable for YOU. You’ll know because your choices will come from your intuition as your true, authentic self.

The Garden Metaphor

We liken the Living Lighter approach to tending to a garden – an ecosystem in and of itself. Traditionally, a garden needs water and sunlight. But not always! On a hot day, your plants may need more water than usual. Another day may call for fertilizer. And what do you do when a pest comes along and tries to eat all the plants?! A garden needs balance to stay healthy and thrive.

Similarly, personal happiness is not a final destination. It is achieved through constant balance of many factors as they change from one day to the next. The Living Lighter program gives you the TOOLS you need to tend to yourself as things (LIFE) come up.


In our case, FEELING is believing! We want you to experience what it’s like to clear away negative energies, find your authentic self, and get in touch with your own intuition. Sign up for our newsletter to get started and start Living Lighter today!


Where can I apply the Ecosystem Approach™ in my life?

The Ecosystem Approach™ applies to all aspects of life! The methods and approach are the same even when the topics are different. Use it to help with money, weight loss, relationships, children – or any of the other challenges we face in daily life. The Ecosystem Approach™ is unique for every individual and helps you find balance in YOURSELF no matter the cause of your stress or concern.

This sound a little airy fairy to me. Is it?

Talking about subtle energies, ecosystems and your “authentic self” might seem a little vague. We understand! Most of us don’t operate with these concepts in daily life. Our program includes easy to follow steps to help you discover these things for yourself – in your own way and on your own terms. We won’t try to convince you to feel a certain way. You will feel tangible results for yourself!

Does it work?

Over 30 collective years, we have worked with hundreds of clients from around the world who have felt and seen great results from the Living Lighter program in their daily lives! Living Lighter is for everyone and designed to work for modern people facing real, every day problems. This means you!